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Want to know how you can support the #MuteRKelly movement?


  • Help us #MuteRKelly's concerts  by doing the following:

  • Donate to #MuteRKelly.  Your donation helps us run social media ads, print flyers and posters for protests and generally help our grassroots efforts to get sexual predator, R. Kelly, shut down!

  • Sign and share the petition demanding that streaming services stop financially supporting a known and documented sex abuser and drop R. Kelly from their platforms:

  • Share the Time's Up movements open letter to women of color in support of the #MuteRKelly movement!

  • Follow the #MuteRKelly movement on our social media accounts.  FB: @officialmuterkelly,
    IG: @officialmuterkelly, and Twitter: @OffMuteRKelly.


  • Check our Facebook page for our latest events and protests!

  • Sign up on the #MuteRKelly mailing list to receive up to date info on the campaign.

  • Post your support of the #MuteRKelly movement on your social media accounts and be sure to include the #MuteRKelly hashtag and tag @officialmuterkelly on IG and Facebook and @OffMuteRKelly on Twitter.

  • Thumb it down on your music streaming service of choice.  Click the thumbs down button whenever R. Kelly’s music is played on Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, or whatever streaming service you use to listen to music.

  • Contact your local radio stations and demand that they stop playing all music by R. Kelly.  Let them know that by financially supporting the career of a known sexual predator, they help maintain and perpetuate a system of sexual abuse against young black women.  Every radio spin of his record helps him to continue to book shows, to make new music, and to amass a wealth that has insulated him from the consequences of his crimes.  It's time to take a stand on the side of justice and end any and all associations that the radio station has with him, his music and his brand.

  • Talk to your local djs and let them know that you don’t want to hear R. Kelly’s music at the club, your family reunion, your wedding reception, cookout, tailgate, graduation, etc.  It’s unacceptable that they would play a violent, manipulative and unrepentant rapist at events that are celebrations of joy, family, and love

  • Share your resources!  Have press contacts?  Non-profit organizations that would like to join the fight? Know industry insiders that would like to get involved?  Contact us and tell us more!


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